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Appearing together on ITV's This Morning she added: 'He has one of these every ten years so I’ve marked the next one in my diary’.

Mindy said she had predicted the crash after having a 'funny' feeling on the day before the crash.

"Because it is so common, people think that they should accept it.

In almost all cases, it is something a well-trained physician or nurse practitioner can help with.

Although incontinence can happen at any age, it's more common in older adults.

According to the National Association for Continence, one in five individuals over the age of 40 suffer from overactive bladder or urgency or frequency symptoms, some of whom leak urine before reaching a restroom.

The TV star, 47, was filming for the show in Switzerland when the car he was driving crashed and repeatedly flipped over before catching fire, moments after he managed to escape it.

See full summary » The story of a young man, Jason (Allen Payne) who must confront his trauma-induced insecurity about love, as well as a sense of owed responsibility to his mother and troubled brother Joshua...

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See full summary » Eva Dandridge is a very uptight young woman who constantly meddles in the affairs of her sisters and their husbands.

Her in-laws, who are tired of Eva interfering in their lives, decide to ...

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