Tila teqila dating

Tequila, a diminutive Vietnamese singer with a fondness for string bikinis and up-tempo beats, has logged 31.5 million views.

She's the most striking success story to come out of My Space's unsigned artists category—she has a clothing line, a cell-phone endorsement contract, and appears on the April cover of Unsigned acts are ranked daily on My Space according to popularity, offering a glimpse into members' collective tastes.

(Which seems short, but remember: Romeo and Juliet did it in four days.) Tila was a crazy enabler: "Casey's family tried desperately to help her ... On one occasion she called me and a male friend screaming, saying people were breaking into her home.

Tila got a hold of her and said, 'hey, come out with me and we'll show them! When I arrived, she was naked with a kitchen knife screaming, but no one was there.

Tequila, who has become associated with the Alt-Right movement and Neo-Nazi-ism in recent years, then claims the power to abolish taxes and debt, as well as the ability to control what happens in the world.

Story continues below Actress and porn star Tila Tequila, who calls Houston home, points to a line in a contract she says makes her God.

And I think he was impressed that I was a famous person he could have sex with. We didn’t see a whole lot of the movie because we were so damn busy making out but every once in a while Tequila would pause to cheer or scream “Heil Hitler! I love movies too so this was a really ideal first date.

Before their engagement, both women were minor tabloid figures who sailed into the limelight with sordid, humiliating tales of crime: Tila as the victim of a confusing domestic violence case, and Casey as the accused perpetrator of a scandalous psychosexual theft.

When the chips were down, the women found each other—then lost each other, in mysterious circumstances amid a torrent of contradictions.

Dated: 2009Things Billy Corgan is famous for: being the front-man of alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins and living with Courtney Love.

Things Tila Tequila is famous for: making a sex tape with two female porn stars, being engaged to heiress Casey Johnson, hosting her own dating show, and probably her most important accomplishment to date, becoming the most popular artist on My Space.

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