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S., Ph D in Education (e-Learning, UCL [Ranked 1st in the world - QS 2017]), Ph D in Education (Information & Library Science, HKU [Ranked 7th in the world - QS 2017]) Associate Professor Division of Information and Technology Studies Tel: (852) 2241 5894 Email: Location: Room 111B, Runme Shaw Building Areas of Expertise: Game-based Learning, Gamification in Education, 21st Century Skills, Social Media in Education, Plagiarism-free Collaborative Inquiry Project-based Learning, Knowledge Management He also supervises 8 doctoral and 1 MPhil students in the areas of game-based learning, gamification and social media in education, plagiarism-free collaborative inquiry project-based learning, digital literacies, academic librarianship, learning analytics, STEM Education, knowledge management and intellectual capital (Former research students).

Flipped classroom and participatory design-based approach to construct social media platforms to enhance teaching and learning (May. 2016); Faculty Teaching Development Fund (HK,000). Examining the differences in perception between librarians and end-users regarding the use of Twitter-like technologies for enhancing library services (May. Driving Cultural and Educational Shift: Providing Suport, Activities and Professional Development in the Pedagogy, Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning in Holistic Competencies; UGC's Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals for the 2016-19 Triennium (HK$ 8,947,836) Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship (PI: Law, N.); Theme-based Research Scheme 2016/17 (HK,220,000) Engaging students in online learning: What can we learn from massive open online courses (MOOCs)?

A longitudinal study on the Impact of Hall Education in HKU (Apr. (Project report) Disseminating good practices in plagiarism-free inquiry project-based learning (IPj BL) in Hong Kong secondary schools (Aug. (Project report) Using blogs to support internship for information management and nursing students (Mar. 2010); Strategic Research Themes for “Sciences of Learning” Fund (HK,836). T.); General Research Fund (HK4,360) Enhancing information literacy in Hong Kong higher education through the development and implementation of shared interactive multimedia courseware (PI: Wong, S. Learning Analytics for Wiki-based Learning Environments in Primary and Secondary Schools (PI: Hu, X.) (Sep.

The cumulative incidence of primary GF was 6.4 ± 1.3 % and included GR (0.9 ± 0.5 %) and PGF (5.5 ± 1.2 %).

Of the 345 cases tested, 39 (11.3 %) were DSA positive.

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