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This order may be used to prohibit a person from assaulting, attacking, beating or molesting you, threatening to kill or physically harm you, stalking, following, contacting, coming to your home or work, or any other conduct prohibited by the court’s order.

In the state of Michigan, depending on the relationship between the parties, and the alleged conduct, there are two different types of personal protection orders that a petitioner may see from the court: Domestic PPO or Non-Domestic PPO.

I work with couples and families through Marriage and Family Therapy which is my specialty area.

Furthermore, attending to the grief and loss through a divorce is also an important component of family work.

Then we will develop a plan to work toward those goals as we identify your strengths, any obstacles you might encounter along the way, and how you will know when those goals have been attained.

I am confident that you will reach your desired healing and growth in this collaborative process.

“It sounds like the legislation is going to require different levels of education for health care professionals and social workers, etc.

Central Intake Center(Reporting of child abuse and neglect or adult abuse and neglect)(855) 444-3911 - toll free Department of Health and Human Services(for financial assistance) 2229 Summit Park Drive Petoskey, MI(231) 348-1600 Family Resource Guides for Charlevoix/Emmet area and Central Lake area.

Domestic PPO – If you have been at anytime in a personal relationship with the person or currently are in a domestic relationship with this person, you will need to file a domestic PPO.Meeting your needs through community support and resources makes your family strong.Publications brought to you by Great Start Collaborative of Charlevoix, Emmet and northern Antrim counties.Premarital counseling, therapy for eating disorders, therapy with adolescents and children, as well as psychological testings for ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities are part of my practice.""I do therapy with individuals for depression, anxiety and many other life issues."You have big ideas and an ambitious vision for life, but with life's demands such as work, family, kids, and all of the bills to pay, everything seems to be on the "round-to-it" plan.

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