Sedating cats for car travel

You may notice how your cat behaves for a simple trip to the vet: howling, drooling, dashing away from you when she sees the carrier.

The prospect of spending hours in a car with her like that is unappealing.

Every single trip was stressful — probably more for me than my cat.

My second cat loves his carrier and couldn’t care less about cruising in the car.

If it is going to be a long journey you may have your cat checked by your vet to ensure it is healthy before it travels.

We hope to try again on December 30th, and I will be seeing the vet again next week.

We had to abandon the journey after a mile or so because of his extreme distress and hyperventilating.

Surely there MUST be a way to sedate him effectively and prevent his distress?

The only alternative is to leave him in a house where the sole occupant is away from Sunday night to Friday afternoon each week (one of us has moved, the other is staying, but works away) with a neighbour dropping in to feed him, or to find him a new home - I don't want to do either of things.

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