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Both Rocsi & actor Eddie Murphy were spotted in a sweet embrace inside an L. coffee shop: After last week's pics of the twosome leaving a coffee shop hand-in-hand surfaced, Rocsi told The YBF that they weren't a new couple but they were, and we quote, "just getting coffee." If you say so. And if you're wondering how Rocsi keeps her cute slim and curvy body looking right, she recently dished to Hollywood Life about Zumba and her diet saying: “I try to work out three to four times a week. I love it, why waste your time with a 20 something male, who is still trying to find himself.... For the second weekend in a row, 28-year-old Rocsi jetted across the country from NYC to L. to be with her apparent new boo 51-year-old Eddie Murphy after her emotional week of taping "106 & Park." (Friday shows are taped on Thursday by the way.) It looks like the BET host was getting a shoulder to cuddle on after her and Terrence's big announcement that they're leaving the network's flagship show. She is 28, has enough talent to host a show, what is it that you do?Such increased exposure is particularly evident in digital social networks (e.g., Facebook, Google ) and dating websites/applications, thus creating an illusion of availability.Many clients with ROCD describe such extensive exposure to “potential” partners as a powerful trigger of their relationship doubts and preoccupations.ROCD and other personality and societal factors: Personal factors may interact with societal influences to affect one’s ability to feel secure with one’s choice of a partner.In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in exposure to other people, their behaviors, and personal lives.“This is astonishing,” says Pearce, “people returned to the same rock shelters over very long periods of time to make rock paintings very similar to those made centuries or millennia before.This finding has profound implications for our understanding of hunter-gatherer religion in southern Africa.” Research was conducted in the Thune Dam in Botswana, the Metolong Dam area in the Phuthiatsana Valley of Lesotho, and the Drakensberg Escarpment of the Eastern Cape in the ‘Nomansland’ region of South Africa.

Check out the gallery below and see what all of the talk is all about…Not only have they been seen at a recent upscale event together, they stirred up rumors after they posted subliminal beach pics on their vacation recently from the same location, using the same hashtags.

Evidence of the earliest rock art is notoriously difficult to confirm, but its tradition is not - from desert to rainforest to savanna, we see a vast display of spectacular rock art, both paintings and engravings, depicting a staggering array of subjects.

Many of these, not all by any means, are presented here in the Bradshaw Foundation Africa section, one of the largest online collections of ancient African rock art in the world, brought to you in collaboration with the leading African authorities on cave paintings and petroglyph carvings.

This continent was the birthplace of modern man and woman.

By the time of the first single successful exodus 85,000 years ago, we were dancing, singing and painting.

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