Outlook unread mail folder not updating

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?In this article, I am going to highlight the steps required to add an unread folder in outlook 2010.They don't show as unread (bold), but they should be hidden all together.By this point I had ~15 various items stuck in this state.Conclusion: Check the OWA first of the mailbox with the problem.

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Click the "X" in the search box to clear the "read:no" search -- it does not work if you do any other operation, including clicking on another box, at this point! I found this usually happened when someone on your network sent a message, then UN-sent it.

When my vice president marks an item as read in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003's Unread Mail search folder, the item stays in that view until she presses F5 to manually refresh the view.

She says that items she had read used to disappear from the folder. What the VP is seeing is normal behavior for the Unread Mail search folder, which is one of three search folders that Outlook 2003 adds to every set of default folders.

I did the same before, we just had the new Outlook and Exchange server 2013 and I had this problem also.

I marked all mail read, but a customer called very angry, well you can guess what the problem was....

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