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Several South Korean victims, including at least six of the women who sued the South Korean government, said they will reject payments offered from the foundation.Under the December agreement, described by both governments as "irreversible", Japan pledged to fund the foundation to help support the victims.Sex trafficking is a significant problem and is described as “the most common form of modern-day slavery” (Walker-Rodriguez & Hill, 2011).Recently a vast body of journalistic literature has been written, much of which sensationalizes the phenomenon; this literature has allowed even ordinary people to discover what sex trafficking is and how grotesque the process is, regardless of whether their knowledge is based on reliable data (Bales & Soodalter, 2009; De Stefano, 2007; Kara, 2009).Historians say tens of thousands of women from around Asia, many of them Korean, were sent to frontline military brothels, where they were dubbed "comfort women", and used by Japanese soldiers for sex.The world¿s first ever footage of Korean sex slaves used by Japanese soldiers during WWII has emerged.The women in the photo are the so-called "comfort women," it claimed."Their appearance, such as the bare feet, suggest they were enslaved," said Sung Kong Hoe University professor Kang Sung-hyun, who participated in the study, in a press conference in Seoul.


We take as our point of departure their active resistance to the label of “victims of sex trafficking.” From a close analysis of their migration journey and their experiences in the United States, we come to understand these women as defiant neoliberal subjects.The women are seeking ,000 each from the South Korean government, which they say failed to hold the Japanese government legally responsible when it agreed to the settlement in December, a spokesman from the Seoul Central District Court said on Wednesday.The lawsuit was submitted days after South Korea's Foreign Ministry said the surviving victims will each be eligible to receive around ,000 from a foundation funded by the Japanese government.Many studies have been criticized for their unreliable data.In addition, though newspaper articles, government reports, and ethnographic observations have claimed that various ethnic groups are involved in sex trafficking, there is very little scholarly work that examines sex trafficking among certain ethnic groups (Zhang et al., 2007).

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