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THE BIG IDEA: With the Russia scandal and self-inflicted wounds paralyzing his White House, it’s easy to lose sight of the tectonic forces that powered President Trump’s victory last year.

And it is a word that will be front and centre in the minds of those who gather at the Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science summit in London on June 8. It means as a teenager, struggling to keep up with six-year-old classmates, being one of the smallest in school, getting sick more often than your friends because of a weakened immune system.

Is it in the connections we’ve made with people who changed us?

Is it in our eyes looking back at us from the mirror when we see what we’ve become while trying to honor who we were?

In the first-year classroom of Shemena Godo Primary School, in Boricha, Ethiopia, three dozen children study the alphabet.

On a black chalkboard, teacher Chome Muse highlights the letter B and writes the combination with each vowel. The pupils, crowded two or three to a desk, listen to the sounds.

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