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Im not risking my life over stupid **** or a stupid bitch. I don't wanna go down on a deadfish, and i don't want oral herpes either... By the way oral herpes can in theory manifest in the genitals...think of it this way, in *theory* anyone can come out with an outbreak of genital herpes, be blinded by herpes, or killed when it manifests in the brain, simply by hacing been kissed by a relative, etc who has HSV1 even when not during a cold sore outbreak. She could give me head all night long, cook a fat dinner, wash my car and clothes, and buy me a new computer..I dont know if she is clean, I aint licking it AND im gonna wear a condom. would fall under the category of not knowing how clean she keeps herself.. with my g/f tho, i know her well enough and i'll eat her out regularly when she wants it or will let me. Hsv1 is now yet known to be contracted after one has HSV2.This will mean that she is already in your house and you will be one step closer to being one of her bad decisions!Less Judgement Hot chicks have had to deal with good looking dudes as far back as they remember.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.Sixty-one percent of users are male, 39 percent are women, and while the app is targeted toward women, Li points to this as proof that there are men who like "all different body types." While impressive, considering the app launched in October 2015, the user base still isn't huge.Tinder reported 50 million users with 12 million users joining every day as of 2014, and Ok Cupid reported having 12 million users in 2014.The idea is that if a woman is going for sex, she is going to hookup with the most attractive guy she can get, so why would she even entertain the thought of desperately trying to get just 'someone for the night' (a strategy lots of guys have, even hot ones). simply go for women low on the looks scale, or do your best to lose weight and become attractive.though it depends on the reason one is deemed or considers himself ugly of course....

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