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Being or doing something that’s just not really what you’re all about. All those books and advice from friends about the rules and all that stuff, it doesn't matter.

With a real guy who wants a relationship with you, it’s easy. Just follow your heart and know that whether you end up calling or not, waiting for him to call or not, it’s OK.

Well, in theory it shouldn’t be, but, realistically it matters a lot. Many people are serial daters who enjoy that initiation part.

When you get caught up you lose sight of what’s really happening and see things how you want them and not always how they really are. They are addicted to the excitement that comes from meeting someone new and clicking with them on the first date and the fireworks that they want to do it over and over again dating multiple people.

I’ve been asked this question on several occasions, and, experienced it myself. Sometimes I get the call back but most often times I do not.

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Well, it can all be just a tad confusing when we’re trying to figure out what to do and how to navigate these waters.

And trying to be in a relationship with will just mean a lot of heartache. And it won’t be because you went with the girlfriends that said to call, or your Mom who said to wait.

Stuff like this mattered to them because they had lots of their own issues and weren't ready for a real relationship in the first place.

’ This classic advice taught for centuries, encouraged men to get a woman’s number then wait wait three days to call, or make contact. There are two things going on that you should observe.

Being unreliable with his communication is a bad habit that has nothing to do with you.

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