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/ Are African Men Marrying More White Women Because They Are Better In Bed?:vote / I Love White Women And I'm Not Ashamed (1) (2) (3) (4) Suya Eater: You won't see white men marrying black women, these fools will be dashing white people the money they worked hard to get from american football to basketball to footballer in the europe leagues I am not against what you are saying however I am surprised you as a Black man is complaining about this.We’ve reached the point in which Black gay people can now complain about Black gay folks dating Whites as opposed to their own just like their heterosexual brethren.In some ways, that does suggest some nominal level of progress.

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But how do you think this affects Black Women who are seemingly deserving of this. Do you think that Black Men are selling out their own kind ? GOD made us equal, and ignorance made us different.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Why Is It That Most Rich Black Atheletes Marry White Women?(9678 Views) Why Do I See Black American Men With Fat White Women So Much?Also sometimes these athletes they call black men are actually biracial men at times.Now I am not saying some Black athletes are not with white women because there are some that are with white women but it is not the majority with them, especially in America from what i have heard.

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